Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2019 Local Expos Tradeshows Showcases

Love and Lace, Bridal Showcase (27th Annual) - Holiday Inn - Crystal Lake - Sunday January 27

Winterfest & Business Expo by Algonquin Chamber - Jacobs High School - Saturday February 23

Business & Community Expo by Wauconda Chamber - Wauconda High School - Saturday February 23

Home, Biz, and Wellness Expo by Huntley Area Chamber - Huntley Park District - Saturday March 2

Expo - McHenry-opoly by McHenry Area Chamber - McHenry West Campus High School - Saturday March 9

Everything Expo by Lake Zurich Chamber - Concorde Banquests - Saturday March 16

Home & Business Expo by Crystal Lake Chamber - Crystal Lake South High School - Saturday/Sunday - March 23-24

Barrington Family EXPO by Barrington Area Chamber - Barrington High School - Sunday April 7

NOTE:  We are happy to list your Expo, Showcase, Tradeshow free of charge.  Please send us a link to the online information.

Friday, May 4, 2018

2018 Golf Outings

2018 Local Chamber, Non-profit, and other Golf Outings

May 23, 2018 Wednesday - McHenry Chamber - McHenry Country Club

August 17, 2018 Friday - Cary Grove Chamber Golf Outing - Chalet Hills Golf Club  Caddy Shack Outing

September 13, 2018 Thursday - Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing - Buffalo Grove Golf Club - Fiesta Partee

NOTE:  We need the 2018 dates.

The Cottage Golf Outing - TBD - usually early September

If you would like us to post your event, feel free to contact us to add the date and a link.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

2018 Local Expos Tradeshows

Crystal Lake Chamber Home & Business Expo - February 17 & 18 - Lundahl Middle School 

Algonquin Chamber Winterfest/Home & Business Expo - February 24 - Jacobs High School

Wauconda Chamber Business & Community Expo - February 24 - Wauconda High School

Huntley Chamber Home, Biz & Wellness Expo - March 3 - Huntley Park District

Lake Zurich Chamber Everything Expo - March 3 - Lake Zurich High School

McHenry Chamber Expo - March 10 - McHenry High School West

Hampshire Home and Business Expo - March 10 - Hampshire Middle School

Richmond Spring Grove Home Expo - March 17 - 

Barrington Family Expo - April 8 - Barrington High School

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Woman Within Pink Bandanas

A few 25th Anniversary Bandanas are still lurking in my store.


For $1 plus shipping.

If actual shipping and handling (the packaging) costs are less than shipping and handling paid, all excess proceeds will be donated to WW INTERNATIONAL.  Depending on how many you purchase and where you live, it will vary on the donation amout.  Last time it was split between Wisconsin and International.

We have pink and hot pink left.

If you want some of each color, you need to come back to this screen and add the second item.
NOTE:  This will work better on a computer if you want 2 colors and can use browser tabs.  If you want just one color, a phone should work fine.

Continental US Recipients only.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

2017 Local Golf Outings

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2017 Local Chamber, Non-profit, and other Golf Outings

NOTE:  These are from 2016 .. we need the 2017 dates.
Hank Bauer Memorial Golf Outing - August 6
The Cottage Golf Outing - TBD - usually early September
LaBemis Golf Outing - TBD - usually September - Probably Sunday the 17th

If you would like us to post your event, feel free to contact us to add the date and a link.

April Notes

"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!"- Zig Ziglar

This time of year is full of event planning; weddings, bridal showers, 5k's, fundraising events, trade shows, and summer camps for all ages. The list goes on and on! 

We can complete your marketing and promotional packages and make it a simple process! 

Fully Promoted can create unique packaging special to your event based on your budget. Water bottles, bags, and tech items make the list of most valued promotions! Add your unique logo for being top of mind even after the event is over. 

See this month's flyer in our newsletter for specials for the month of April!

Please call us for an individual marketing consultation today! 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Here are the first 5 TIPS

1.  Hold an OPEN HOUSE or GRAND OPENING.  Invite people for special deals.

2.  Define your ideal customer.  Understand their persona.  Focus your marketing tactics on things that would appeal to your ideal customer.  This won't negate others but will make your message(s) more appealing to your ideal customer type.

3.  Brand consistency.  Use the same logo on all items.

4.  Publish answers to frequently asked questions (FAQS).  This provides your customers a look at your expertise in your field.

5.  Write Press Releases for changes in your businesses or awards or goals met.
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